The Best Decision of the Year

Cameron Tringale. Ranked in top 125 golfers in the world. #61 in FedExCup rankings (as of 8/21/14).

Cameron is a professional golfer you likely do not know, but should. For Cameron made what I call the “Best Decision of the Year.” USA Today named Cameron the “World’s Most Honest Golfer” for this decision.

Cameron Tringale

So what exactly did Cameron do to deserve these accolades?

Here is Cameron’s story and how to connect with him.

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Why Should You Stand Out?

[This is a guest post by one of my favorite faith-based leadership bloggers, Chris Patton. He is President of a very successful 100-employee automobile dealership in Georgia and blogs to enlighten, educate, encourage, and enlist other Christians in business to take the path of God's steward in their business. You can follow Chris at Christian Faith at Work and on Twitter @ChrisJPatton.]

We probably all know someone that dresses in a way to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a wacky looking tie or a dress that is so bright it looks like it runs on batteries, we have all seen examples of people wearing clothes that stand out. Why do you think they do this? What is their purpose?

stand out

Here is why Christians in business must stand out.

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A Passion for Impact! An Interview with FCCI’s Terence Chatmon

“Transformation is our bullseye!”

That’s what Terence Chatmon, President of FCCI (Fellowship of Companies for Christ International), says about their international business ministry.

Recently I interviewed Terence to gain insights into how FCCI impacts eternity through business.

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14 Bible Promises for Business Negotiation

negotiate v to discuss something formally in order to make an agreement;to get over, though, or around (something) successfully

As businesspeople, we constantly negotiate.  Beyond traditional big-time mergers or acquisitions, we negotiate building leases, vendor contracts, strategic plans, employee hiring and performance evaluations, and so much more.

As believers in business, we are called to a higher level in our negotiations than many with whom we negotiate.

Here are 5 key principles gleaned from 14 powerful verses that set our standard for any business negotiation.

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Celebrating the PGA Golf Championship

I love golf, especially when a major championship is being played in my home state of Kentucky!

So guess where I am today? Yep, at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, KY  watching the Tuesday practice round of the 2014 PGA championship along with with my brother and three great friends.

So instead of our standard “where business and faith connect” posts, here are 15 of my favorite (and funny) golf quotes, my #1 all-time favorite golf quote, and an opportunity for you to share your favorite golf quote, too.

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Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Chaplain NOW!

Work stress. Marital and home struggles. Financial problems. Alcoholism. Drug use. Depression. Deaths in the family. These are real issues impacting employees in every organization. Employees need help – now!

If you’ve never considered offering a corporate chaplain service to your employees, you should.

Marketplace Chaplains is an international corporate chaplain organization serving over 630 public and private companies and their 185,000 employes as well as over 500,000 family members of employees.

Recently I interviewed Shane Satterfield, Eastern Region Vice President, to learn more about how Marketplace Chaplains works and why a company should consider their service.

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