4 Keys to Leadership Succession

Imagine you lead an organization of over 1.5 million people! Also imagine you are over 100 years old and must appoint your successor.

Would you take this appointment seriously? Of course you would.

So did the greatest leader of Israel, Moses.

Perhaps the single most important function of any leader is to effectively choose their replacement. Get it wrong, and the organization will collapse. Get it right, and the organization will flourish.

Here is the four-step model Moses used to choose his successor.

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What The Masters Taught Me About Getting Into Heaven

As many of you know, the first week in April I pay homage to the greatest golf tournament in the world, The Masters. Today the first round of the 2014 tournament is underway.

Rather than extract a pure leadership lesson from this event, I want to share a brief personal testimonial on my first trip to Augusta—-which was a disaster!

Famous #13 green at Augusta National

I am sure many of you are asking, “What in the world does the Masters golf tournament have to do with getting into heaven?”

Read this short personal story and you’ll see.

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How to Make an Impact for God at Work (Without Sounding Nuts)

Recently a business owner (Tommy – not his real name) watched the Impacter video and filled out the form for me to call.

As we began our conversation, Tommy said he’d already read my new book, The Impacter, on how one man leads his company on biblical business principles and was motivated to do the same at his company.


His candid question to me was: “As a business owner, how can I get started in making an impact in my company for the Lord without sounding like we’re going nuts?”

Like so many business people I meet, Tommy was rightfully concerned about any potential backlash from his employees on his desire to be more bold in his faith.

So I advised him to implement the following two simple ideas to launch his impact for God at work (so he would not sound like he was going nuts).

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Are You Maximizing Your Impact?

impact n. to have a significant or major effect 

We all desire to make a positive and lasting impact with our lives, both at home and at work.

The question is: where do we start?

Maximize Your Impact

Watch this 3-minute video to learn where you can start your journey toward maximum impact.

Then please share this video with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and your other social media channels.

Thanks for watching and sharing.

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6 Team Building Lessons from the Bible

“What’s your #1 issue at work?”

“Team building!”

That is an answer I often hear from top leaders I advise.

I am not particularly a fan of trying to force-fit the popular athletic team scenarios into for-profit business life. Frankly, it just does not work. We don’t have innings or half-time breaks, or days in-between games with long pre-seasons while performing half the year and exercising the rest. In business, we are always on!

I am a fan, however, of learning from the 66 best business books ever written on how to build better organizations, leaders, and teams.

So, here are 6 team building lessons we can all apply from the Bible.

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4 Principles to Finishing Well

Every great Christian business leader I’ve ever worked with, coached, advised, or observed has a burning desire to finish well. Their passion is not to accumulate great wealth (although many are more than comfortable) or become a recognized name (although many are indeed well known for their work), but rather to never coast into their final days and finish strong! 

“But the one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward why is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

Perhaps no leader in the Bible (other than Jesus) finished as well as Paul. His transformation from enemy of the church into its preeminent evangelist is nothing short of a miracle. He did indeed finish well.

Here are four principles Paul taught that we can all apply to ensure we finish well.

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