4 Things Business People Need from Pastors

In my last post, I shared how to begin a business impact dialogue with your Pastor. This post helps you continue your dialogue.

African American Studying the Bible at Home

As a believer who desires to glorify God through business (what I call 2%ers), you need help in how to do it from other 2%ers in business and from your Pastors.

Here are four things business people need from Pastors with specific ways they can help.

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5 Things Every Pastor Needs to Know About Their Business Members

This is not a rant!  Rather, it is a direct appeal to all Pastors to recognize what many of their best business members think but are reluctant to say.

5 Things

Where did these come from? These are the five most repeated frustrations I’ve heard from my 2%er clients over the past 25 years.

Here goes!

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You Need a Break So Get Some Rest!

Last Friday night, Brenda’s brother and wife joined us for dinner.  They own a beautiful cabin in the Smokey Mountains and again invited us up for a visit. I hesitated. Again.

Cute log cabin in the mountains of Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Time away? Now? I’m finishing a big book. Got a speaking engagement the following week. So much to get done.

Then the Holy Spirit broke through my resistance and clearly told me, “You need a break so get some rest!”

For those who struggle to take a legitimate, well-deserved summer vacation, like me, here are several Biblical mandates to get some rest!

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Business Devotionals Are Useless Until You Do This

Imagine you and your spouse are about to paint your family room. You’ve studied all the palettes, compared all the colors, even bought the paint and brushes you need.

couple  with color samples to paint, back view

But the paint itself has zero value until you do this.

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Why You Must Make Decisions From The Inside-Out

All of us have been pressured on the outside to make decisions that we knew on the inside was wrong. But the greatest leader of all time never allowed the outside pressure to override his inside spirit.

Decicion pic

“This they said, testing Him, that they might have something of which to accuse Him. But Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with His finger, as though He did not hear.” John 8:6

But the greatest leader of all time never allowed the outside pressure to override his inside spirit. Instead, he chose to be led from the inside, where the Holy Spirit reigns.

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The Great Sunday-Monday Divide

For decades we’ve all heard about the Sunday-Monday divide of church and work as harbingers of gloom wring their collective hands over the imagined demise of society and business without God.

Sunday-Monday gap

Yet the solution to bridging the great Sunday-Monday divide is easier than you think.

Here’s both the problem and the answer.

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