7 Eternal Business Principles

As 2%ers, we are compelled to maximize our impact at work. We seek to live our faith-based beliefs in ways to glorify God and impact His kingdom for eternity.

This week as I revise The Impacter for a second-edition paperback release this fall, it is exciting to be reminded of the many eternal leadership impact principles in the book.

7 Eternal Biz Principles

Here are 7 eternal business principles 2%ers embrace.

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2 Big Things the Holy Spirit Knows About Your Business

[This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Our Unfair Advantage: How to Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in our Business.]

If you follow my blog, you know that I am in the middle of writing a new book about how to tap into 2%ers undeniable unfair advantage (at least seen as unfair by our non-2%er competitors).

2 Big Things

Although I list many more things the Holy Spirit knows about our business in the book, I thought you’d enjoy reading about two of the biggest.

Here are two really BIG things the Holy Spirit knows about your business.

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Our Real Enemy in Business

Too many of us (2%ers) are convinced that our enemies at work are our competitors, suppliers, or banks. Some of us think our main enemies are the media, politicians, or even our employees.

None of these come close to our real enemy.

Our Real Enemy

Our real enemy is NOT our competitors or the marketplace or regulations.

Our real enemy is…

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The Big Shift: Is It Possible?

It’s a big shift – a huge monumental leadership transformation – to move from being Head-led, Money-led, Innovation-led, Opportunity-led, Price-led, Pressure-led, Feelings-led, and Pride-led to being Spirit-led.

The big question: “Is it even possible in today’s business world global business world to be led of the Holy Spirit?”

Big Shift 1

The answer: it is MORE than possible—and well within your reach.

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10 Leadership Lessons from the Last Supper

[This is a repost of a timeless blog on leadership lessons gleaned from the Last Supper.]

Today is the Thursday of the Passion Week, the day before the betrayal, torture, and crucifixion of Jesus on the morning of Good Friday.

This year I felt led to study the events of the Last Supper through the lens of leadership: to study how the greatest leader in history managed his final meeting with his team before his arrest, death, burial, and resurrection.

The power of these lessons, frankly, give me chills!

Here are ten leadership lessons from the Last Supper – any one of them worthy of deep study, reflection, and emulation.

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A Frightening Reality for Christians in Business

In my previous post, I introduced a list of nine potential ways leaders can be led. Let’s glance again at that list. A business leader can potentially be:

  • Head–led
  • Money-led
  • Innovation-led
  • Opportunity-led
  • Expert-led
  • Pressure-led
  • Feelings-led
  • Pride–led

Frightening Reality

Every 2%er has at one time or another been led by one or more things on this list. But think about it from this angle.

Every category of the above list is exactly how the leaders of secular-based firms are led.  These are the areas they lean on to make their decisions, to drive their business, and ultimately reach their goals.

Here is the frightening reality.

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