A Frightening Reality for Christians in Business

In my previous post, I introduced a list of nine potential ways leaders can be led. Let’s glance again at that list. A business leader can potentially be:

  • Head–led
  • Money-led
  • Innovation-led
  • Opportunity-led
  • Expert-led
  • Pressure-led
  • Feelings-led
  • Pride–led

Frightening Reality

Every 2%er has at one time or another been led by one or more things on this list. But think about it from this angle.

Every category of the above list is exactly how the leaders of secular-based firms are led.  These are the areas they lean on to make their decisions, to drive their business, and ultimately reach their goals.

Here is the frightening reality.

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How To Get Your Name In My New Book!

I am taking a 60-minute break from writing on my forthcoming book, Our Unfair Advantage: How to Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business to post this fun request.

Would anyone out there like a FREE COPY of the book when published & YOUR NAME listed in the Acknowledgements?

Your Name in my New Book

Yep, I thought so.

Here is all you have to do.

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7 Reasons Why Christians Must Dominate Our Markets

(While currently on a 3-city speaking tour, here is a repost of a popular blog all 2%ers need to embrace.)

“What piece of what market do you want to own?”

dominate (v) to be more powerful or successful than others in something; to have a commanding or preeminent place or position

When I ask this question to executive teams I advise in business planning, I get some puzzled looks.

As believers in business we are called to dominate our markets. Here’s why.

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A Case Study in Wholehearted Leadership

Wholehearted: (adj) having or showing no doubt or uncertainty about doing something; completely and sincerely devoted, determined, and enthusiastic; free from all reserve and hesitation

Who wants their leaders to possess these characteristics? Only everybody – including your employees, colleagues, and families!

Give Me This Mountain

No leader in the Bible displayed greater wholehearted leadership than Caleb!

Here are the three ways Caleb displayed wholehearted leadership and one incredible outcome.

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4 Words That Can Transform (or Ruin) Your Business

As 2%ers (entrepreneurs and leaders in for-profit, privately-held, Biblically-based firms), God has wired us to make things happen!

So we, like all great businesspeople, make our plans and go after them with a vengeance – all for the ultimate impact for the Kingdom.

4 Words Transform or Ruin

But this can be a terrible – even fatal – business mistake.

Here’s why.

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How Bold Prayers Unleash God’s Power In Your Business

bold adj. unreserved in speaking; without ambiguity; openly frank; free and fearless confidence;

Chances are, even as a 2%er, your prayers for your business may on occasion be (how can I say it…) lame. If not lame, at least not as powerful or as bold as they should be.

In my book, The Impacter, I tell the story of how one man transformed his company and his community on Biblical principles of excellence including boldness.

night prayer

Here are three powerful ways to take your prayers for your business to a higher level of impact.

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