How to Go DEEP in Your Prayers

Confession: Even though I set aside a big chunk of time every morning to read the Word, journal, pray, and exercise, my prayer time has traditionally been my weakest spiritual link.

But not anymore!

Silhouette illustration of a man praying among the clouds

Here is what God revealed to me on how to go DEEP in my prayers.

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Why Servant Leadership Misses the Mark

Last week I received a revelation in leadership. For 30+ years, I’ve spoken on, written numerous books, coached, and advised both business and ministry professionals around the world on the fundamentals of great leadership including the ever-popular Servant Leadership.

I now realize Servant Leadership misses the mark. There is something more fundamental, a prerequisite which is not taught or discussed.

Off Target Showing Aiming Mistake Lacking Confidence

Here is why servant leadership misses the mark and where we should start.

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Sneak Peak of 4 Great Upcoming Speaking Events

Rarely do I promote or even share some of my upcoming speaking events. But these four are very special to me.

4 Big Events

Here is a sneak peak at four great events on my calendar over the next three months with an invitation for you to join me in Atlanta, Orlando, Valdosta, or Tucson.

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The #1 Roadblock to Unleashing Your Unfair Advantage

[Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Our Unfair Advantage: Unleash the Power of the Holy Spirit in Your Business. Please answer the question I pose below.]

Five years ago when the Lord called me to leave pure secular speaking and consulting to rebrand and refocus my business to glorify Him in business, trust me – there were challenges. Many speakers bureaus with whom I’d been one of their most popular and sought after speakers suddenly dropped me like a hot potato. Potential clients ran from the fear that I might come in and try to “Gospelize” their company.

Man of God teaching the Bible or the word of God to others. Image with instagram effects for special mood or feel

The decision to fully move into a Spirit-led business life does have it roadblocks. I am therefore compelled to share some of the roadblocks I faced and later, how the Spirit guided me through them.

Here was the #1 roadblock I faced on the way to unleashing my unfair advantage.

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4 Things Business People Need from Pastors

In my last post, I shared how to begin a business impact dialogue with your Pastor. This post helps you continue your dialogue.

African American Studying the Bible at Home

As a believer who desires to glorify God through business (what I call 2%ers), you need help in how to do it from other 2%ers in business and from your Pastors.

Here are four things business people need from Pastors with specific ways they can help.

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5 Things Every Pastor Needs to Know About Their Business Members

This is not a rant!  Rather, it is a direct appeal to all Pastors to recognize what many of their best business members think but are reluctant to say.

5 Things

Where did these come from? These are the five most repeated frustrations I’ve heard from my 2%er clients over the past 25 years.

Here goes!

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