How to Overcome the Fear of Accountability

It’s a word so many dread but know we need.

Accountability is simply the willingness to accept responsibility for our actions. Yet being held accountable need not be painful or scary.


Here are the simple truths on how to overcome the fear of accountability.

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4 Steps to Overcome Opposition

Few leaders throughout history faced more harsh opposition than Nehemiah. His response to the extreme opposition is a classic case study in how to overcome opposition in business.


Here is an overview of the opposition Nehemiah faced and the 4 steps he took to win.

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4 Principles to Handle Prodigal Employees

Ever had a great employee leave? Most of us have. Should you ever consider rehiring a formerly great employee, what I like to call a prodigal employee?

Prodigal employees are those who think the grass is greener, better, and sweeter somewhere else. Then one day, they come to their senses and see your company was the best place for them after all.


Although many of us simply want to cast the prodigal completely out of our life, I exhort you to consider the four principles the greatest leader of all time teaches us about how to handle a prodigal.

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4 Ways To Kick Satan Out of Your Business

If you lead or work in a 2% company (for-profit, privately-held, Biblically based), your business is either currently or soon will be under attack by Satan!

Yesterday my website was hacked – again! A big hack. Our worst one yet.

4 Ways to Kick Satan

He even tried to stop my Facebook post about this attack.

But I was not angry or upset. Actually, I was happy. Don’t think I am fool until you read the rest of the story and learn the 4 ways to kick Satan out of your business!

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The 1 Thing More Important Than Your Goals

Don’t implement your goals this year until you read this!


All successful businesspeople know the importance of setting goals. Yet far too little is taught on the one thing more important that great goals, the one thing from which all goals MUST be based.


Here is an example of a wrong priority, a 2%ers top priority, and 4 keys to setting the right priorities.

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The Real Business of Christmas

[This is my last post for 2014 as my family will take a combination vacation/staycation through 1/1/2015. Thank you for your faithfulness in 2014 and Merry Christmas!]

In many industries, especially in retail, the business of Christmas will make or break the entire fiscal year.  One of my great business experiences was serving five years in the headquarters of a Fortune 500 retailer with over 1,700 locations and 40,00 employees.  The six weeks from mid-November through New Years was critical for us, as it determined our annual success or failure.

Red Christmas BallUnlike retail, the business of Christmas may or may not break make your entire year, but I know that it often radically increases your activity levels from parties, shopping, gift wrapping, special events, family trips and more.

For most of us, the business of Christmas makes it the most hectic time of the year.

Yet all these wonderful activities can easily distract us from the real business of Christmas.

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