How One Company Lives Their Faith Out Loud!

[Chris Patton is the President of Mike Patton Auto Family in LaGrange, GA. Chris also writes the terrific Christian Faith at Work blog ( This post is from my recent face-to-face interview with Chris.]

The Mike Patton Auto Family seeks to honor God through impacting the lives of our employees, customers, and community. 

It’s one thing to say it – another to do it.

Chris Patton and his team at Mike Patton Auto Family is a model company on how to live Christian values at work. As a third-generation company, Chris leads this successful group of automobile dealerships on their values of Integrity, Excellence, Employee Development. Spiritual Growth, and Community Impact.

Here are just four of the faith-driven Best Practices from the Mike Patton Auto Family that you can implement in your company.

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A Prophetic Word On My Future Business Calling

Fifteen years ago when I co-wrote a book with Dr. Joan Brannick, I did not realize that one day a controversial section of that book would become my calling.

In the late 1990’s, it was BOLD to even SUGGEST there were companies who ran their businesses on Biblical principles of excellence. Yet that is exactly what Joan and I did in Finding & Keeping Great Employees, what Fortune magazine honored as one of the best business books of the year!

The Fortune reviewer even said, “At least one terrific and often counter-intuitive idea on every one of its 208 pages.

So let’s go a little retro today as I share an excerpt from the book, how it set the stage for my calling, and how to prepare for your calling.

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4 Ways Christian Business Leaders Must Respond To Agitators

There have been an overwhelming amount of recent attacks against Christians in the marketplace and against our houses of worship.

Think Chick-fil-A. Think Hobby Lobby. Think pastors in Houston. 

Whether from inside or outside your firm, sometime your business will face political, legal, or social pressure to cave in to behaviors that contradict your Christian values.

What can you do?

Here is a short case study in why appeasement never works and four ways Christian business leaders must respond to agitators.

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How a Fast-Growth Firm Lives Their Faith: The GBSI Institute

“Not all travel, but everyone goes.”

GBSI, Inc. is a Pensacola, FL-based information technology powerhouse providing education and training services as well as information assurance solutions to industry and government. For four consecutive years, GBSI is an INC 5000 fast growth private company as well as a “Florida Company to Watch” award winner and more.

More important, GBSI is a best practice 2%er company (for-profit, privately-held, Biblically based) who lives their eternal calling through their non-profit GBSI Institute.

Here is the story of the GBSI Institute, a great best practice in how to integrate your faith through your company.

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What’s the Bible Got to Do With Business?

That was the key question that drove me to read the Bible from cover to cover for the first time in 1987. Until then, I barely picked it up, and frankly, was not living by its standards.

Wow, did I get an awakening!

What’s the Bible got to do with business? Here are just a few of the amazing facts.

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7 Great Verses for Believers in Business

With 31,102 verses in the Bible, aren’t there more than just 7 great verses for believers in business?

Of course there are. But you have to start somewhere.

My Well Worn Leadership Bible

Here are 7 verses I pray will be just as insightful and encouraging to you as they have been to me.

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