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Keeping a home safe is undeniably important. It is likely where you have most if not all of your valuables. It is where your family lives. It is a place that matters to you, and the people who live there as well as your belongings should be protected. There are so many services available for locks and security – one of them being deadbolts! We are going to discuss deadbolts and why they are for homeowners. As a mobile locksmith, we provide deadbolt changes and other lock and security services designed for protection (locksmith company service in Collinsville). We believe deadbolts can make a positive difference for residential customers.  


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Why are deadbolts a good security feature for homeowners? 


A deadbolt is a good option because it offers more security as it relates to locking a door. It is also challenging to bypass. A deadbolt is defined as a bolt (often a steel bolt) that functions when a knob or key is turned. It functions this way instead of by spring action. The bolt works by extending into a door jamb. There are different types of deadbolts, like double cylinder deadbolts, keyless deadbolts, rim deadbolts, digital deadbolts and single cylinder deadbolts. They are a good security feature because of the supplemental protection they add to an otherwise basic lock. Lacking a spring mechanism means that the bolt will not retract when force is applied, as it would not be possible.  


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A deadbolt is used for external doors. As mentioned, they would be challenging to bypass, and lacking a spring mechanism means a bolt not retracting when force is used. Deadbolts use steel as a material, making them sturdy. A metal striking plate holds a deadbolt in place. As mentioned, there are different options available, so some work differently than others. One might use a key to open, while another might use a twist lock. It all depends on what you buy.  


Did you know some deadbolts can be connected to your smartphone? It’s true, you can sync everything together. This is just something to consider regarding deadbolts for your house. If you are on the fence about having them installed, the convenience offered just might convince you. 


Deadbolts – A Vast Selection  


There are deadbolts with hardened cylinders and long screws. There are deadbolts made by manufacturers like Kevo and Medeco. There are also deadbolts that can be synced to a smartphone. With all the different styles, too, like digital and single cylinder, there is really no shortage of options.  


How is single cylinder different than double cylinder?  


A double cylinder deadbolt will not utilize a twist knob in its functioning, and it will be keyed on both sides of the door. A single cylinder deadbolt will work by using a twist knob inside of the door. A key can be used on the exterior and will always be needed to access the door.   


Keyless Deadbolts 


We mentioned keyless deadbolts, too, which are placed inside the door but instead of using a keyhole, they use a keypad. This enables users to avoid a key and to be able to enter a pin code to access the property. The code can be changed as needed, which can save on the cost of needing to ever copy keys or needing to rekey or replace the locks. 


Deadbolts are for homeowners because they can help prevent forced entry. 


A deadbolt lock is important in the sense that it can prevent forced entry from occurring if it is properly installed. A locksmith like our mobile company will be skillful in providing deadbolt changes and installation. It is crucial that the bolt extends correctly so the lock can’t be bypassed, which requires proper installation. This is a security feature that can also offer convenience to a homeowner.  


Indisputably, it is important to make sure that if you are a homeowner, you are doing what you can to protect what matters to youA deadbolt is just one option available to you.  

There are an abundance of reliable manufacturers and products to choose from as it relates to deadbolts, such as Brinks, Kwikset, SchlageGobrico, and othersYou should think about if a single cylinder deadbolt, keyless deadbolt or even if a double cylinder deadbolt would be the right option for you. 


We have gone over why deadbolts are for homeowners. We want to add that deadbolts offer drill resistance, in addition to bump and pick resistance. It is our hope that you feel more knowledgeable about deadbolts after reading through the information. We want to emphasize that a deadbolt is a good security feature to have as a homeowner. 


Your home is a place you categorically want and need to keep safe. The home is likely where you have most if not all of your valuables. It is where your family lives. It is a place that matters to you, and the people who live there as well as your belongings need to be protected. There are so many services available for locks and security – one of them being deadbolts! Of course, if it is possible to prevent, you want to prevent a break-in. Deadbolts exist to help to provide better protection. There are many lock and security services available to think about when it comes to the protection of residential properties.  


We have gone over why deadbolts are a good option for homeowners, and we have highlighted some of the different options available, all of which can be installed by an experienced locksmith. Remember, there are keyless deadbolts, single cylinder, digital deadbolts and more. We want to make sure that residential customers know of accessible lock and security services – and we want to make sure they are aware of just how helpful and important deadbolts can be. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and we hope it is advantageous for you!  


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