Does it justify the price of the first Battle Pass in Pokemon Unite?

Battle Passes have become a standard method for video game designers to monetize their games for reasons that are legitimate. While the best Battle Pass won`t have content that can give anyone an advantage on the battlefieldhowever, it will contain valuable items that are only available in that particular location. You can earn many rewards through playing the game. Pokemon Unite is the very first game with the Pokemon nameon it which comes with an Battle Pass. Is it worth spending your money?


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In all honestythe initial Battle Pass in Pokemon Unite is very basic in contents. There are 90 levels you can unlock upon purchase. However, we aren`t convinced that there is much to it beyond the Battle Pass`s primary and last items.


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The game comes with a fresh hip hop skin for Pikachu, regardless of rank when you purchase the Battle Pass. The skin will include the pirate skin of Cinderace as you move through the levels. Both of these skins are excellentand the fact that this is the only location you can get them means we wouldn`t blame someone for purchasing the Battle Pass. But, the Battle Pass isn`t able to include any of these items unless you reach the 90 rank.


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You can either get the in-game currency and cosmetics for your trainer with other ways. The Battle Pass does not include any items you will not encounter in the game. If you`re interested, there`s a Pikachu outfit you can get for your trainer at rank 70. Butit won`t be visible on the menus of the game.



The Battle Pass for Pokemon Unite is available at a cost of 490 Aeos Gems. The gems are available directly through the game`s online store at $7.99. This is not a terrible price for the Battle Pass, but you must determine whether the contents of the package are worth your cash and the time you go after.