Must Have Nail Technician Supplies

As a nail technician, it is very important for you to have your own set of must-have nail equipment in your nail salon. This list will explain the basic nail equipment that must be in your nail salon supplies arsenal. Although this list may not be the complete list of must-haves, it will give you a starting point and keep you on your way to having the best nail salon equipment for your business. The items listed below are some of the basic necessities that every nail salon should have.

Must Have Nail Technician Supplies – Every Nail Tech needs a good set of nail art supplies to complete his or her job. You will often use them on a daily basis. Callous removers.

Must Have Cuticle Oil – To ensure that your cuticles stay nice and soft, apply cuticle oil before applying your adhesive vinyl sable. These sable brushes come in a variety of sizes. Some brands include; Sable brushes, HDI sable brush, and cuticle stick brushes. Cuticle oil helps maintain the shine of your nails. Cuticle oil also protects the cuticles from the elements (sun and heat) and keeps them moist and healthy.

Must Have Nail Polish – If you think that your nail polish won’t do anymore than just cover the tips, think again. Every Nail Tech wants to have a complete set of nail polish and nail files in their nail care arsenal. Some Nail Techs even use their nail polish for accent nails. For example, if you are using gold nail polish then you might want to get a gold nail file along with it.
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Must Have Cuticle Exfoliator – There is nothing more aggravating to a Nail Tech than to go through all day long and use up their sable brush, sable eye roller, and cuticle oil only to see the cuticles on their nails start to get dull. A great way to solve this issue is by purchasing a quality cuticle exfoliator. You will find a wide variety of exfoliators on the market today. You can find cuticle exfoliators that are made out of pumice stone, glass beads, pebbles, sand, aluminum oxide, sugar crystals, and even sugar. You can found it at Sam nail supply store

Must Have Toe Separators – Your toes need something to keep them off of your cuticles to help prevent ingrown toenails. In order to solve this issue, you will need several different items. For example, you will need reusable nail forms, sable brushes, a sable eye roller, cuticle oil, a cuticle stick, nail files, and diamond nail files. There is nothing that can stop your tech from being a great technician, but sometimes having the right supplies on hand will make a huge difference.